Spanning the CDR space, from carbon markets to macroalgae cultivation, this first set of problem packs has a lot of exciting opportunities to explore!
Thinking at a meta-level about the carbon removal ecosystem
Scale up carbon removal solutions and build up intuition for consequences and implications
A new website, eight fresh packs to sign up for, and amazing work done by past sprint teams.
Sign up for a three-week deep dive sprint into a fascinating problem and work with a team to brainstorm solutions.
Highlights from a completely updated, greatly improved, accessible course on carbon removal solutions.
I talked to over a dozen people getting started in the carbon removal space about their CDR learning process and what they might want out of a new…
The game is on and it's go time.
A problem-centered way of learning about and brainstorming on CDR, plus a new module of Carbon Removal Academy on carbon markets!
As of now I've read the first 3 chapters: here are some highlights and questions that come to mind.
Despite its importance and building momentum in 2020, carbon removal is still a niche and little known piece of the climate world among the general…
Reflecting on a triumphant run of climate speeches and infectious energy for climate action